Friday, 13 November 2009


For a while I've been going to the National Library's 7th storey social sciences section with ease getting through security. The security people there used to consist of very crabby old women who always gave me the impression their husbands refused sex the night before and so were taking their work of denying people an easy time as a power trip, but recently while visiting my favourite part of the National Library to work on my international political economy paper I've had some very nice security ladies letting me through with a smile, I've even begun to forget about those unpleasant times dealing with them.

So today's old school crabby security lady was both a surprise and a return to old days. Maybe the powers that be thought it to be good again to instill some pain back in library patrons. But anyway, I just let her have her way with me, which saw me almost emptying out my bag to check if I had drugs or something. The security woman saw my notes and asked me to take them out too. I laid them out on the table, and the first one had a cover page with the title, "PIONEERS OF PARADIGMATIC CHANGE: WELFARE STATE TRANSFORMATION IN SMALL OPEN ECONOMIES".

And then she stared at me and said, matter-of-factly, "economics section is at the eighth storey."


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