Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I find it really funny why business exam papers love to focus so much on memory work. I can totally appreciate why this is necessary in science, history or psychology, but to ask for the specific definition behind something like 'inquisitorial intervention' just amazes me. In the psychology world, having an exact knowledge of theory and definitions is necessary because when I say, "discomfort from doing something you don't like is due to 'cognitive dissonance'", I expect other psychologists to understand and when they throw out terms like 'knowledge activation' and 'social facilitation', I am likewise expected to know them, know them well, and know them so that we can move on, build on existing concepts and generate new ideas.

But I have this strong suspicion that if I went to a firm and began running my mouth with terms like 'inquisitorial intervention' I am merely going to get smacked.

My last paper is finally done for this term.

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