Wednesday, 4 November 2009

In Celebration Of The Idealist

Sometimes, I think idealists can be likened to heroes. Delusional as they are, they hold on to faith in the face of uncertainty, knowing that their cause can only succeed along with the shared belief of everyone else their cause may concern as well. It is easy to find a comfort zone by having the anticipation of worst-case scenarios as the acceptable outlook in things, and these are the realists, cynics and skeptics in life, love and whatever else. All it takes is the cold hard reality espoused by a cynic, and the idealist's cause crumbles.

It is just like two people acting on good faith in a transaction - All it takes is for one party to steal and horde the goods, and the party who acted on the basis of good faith loses out. From then on, selfishness and distrust is the key in future transactions.

So in championing the idealist, I can liken them to heroes as they have much more to lose while, courageously or delusionally, walking on the thin throes of faith, the burden of bad consequences not fearful enough to weigh the spirit down.

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