Sunday, 22 June 2008

Here It Goes Again

I guess I finally repaid my sleep debt today. Hahar I don't think I'm far off when I reckon that I slept less in almost the whole of the past week than some people have in one or two days, what with social science camp and Euro 2008 and friends all coming together to conspire zombie-producing late nights and early days.

During lunch at the Olio pasta restaurant in the French school for Angie's birthday, I learnt that lunch represents 'just friends', and dinner represents a 'date'.

Yesterday, Khairul, Leon and I hung out for a bit as all of us had stuff we had to do in town. Leon's been having his people-problems that stemmed from hall and he was unfortunate enough to be stuck in an awkward situation with one of those problem people while having dinner at Cineleisure. So dude was lamenting about how small Singapore was and why he doesn't like going out to populated places like town for fear of meeting people you don't wanna meet.

Leon later bumped into his old army colleague, and I actually knew the person too, though not personally. Khairul asked why I didn't wanna go say hi to him, and I just remarked that I didn't wanna be caught in a half-assed conversation with someone I'm neither here nor there with in terms of being friends.

I really get irked by typicality. You kinda know that generally, both parties don't really wanna be having that conversation. So I've decided that the key to surviving such episodes of meeting hi-bye friends along the subway is to ask the "Eh bro how's life!" question first. Because I hate answering such questions, and you get to be established as the really cheerful person in the superficial conversation.

Khairul suggested that to jackass the whole typical situation, when faced with a "how's life" question, you could actually answer, "life really sucks and I feel like killing myself." This is amusing in a jackass way on a few levels. Firstly, it is most unexpected, because the theoretical reply is to say that you're fine and then start thinking of ways to move on to wherever you're going to next. When faced with a suicidal reply, the person has to juggle the surprise, acting/being concerned and the shitty prospect of enduring a half-assed conversation that would drag on longer than expected.

Been busying myself with The Kite Runner, and with the designing of the Capoeira SMU t-shirt. The logos, if determined, would look something like these.

Another busy week awaits! And I've been forced into drawing up a schedule of sorts, however little of an organised person I am. Which, I suppose, does highlight the extent of my busy-ness.

Not much of a timetable but this is infinitely more than having none.

A diplomat is a man who remembers a lady's birthday but forgets her age.

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