Monday, 16 June 2008

Self-Sustaining Systems

I currently have this fascination with the impeccable nature of self-sustaining systems.

We live in such a balanced and stabilised system of sorts where moderation is key. Wherever the blueprint for such a system came from, it is most ingenious nonetheless. As a result, we can never be 'too much' of anything. Or rather, we should not be too much of anything. One can derive the sentiment by reading it aloud, prefixing 'too' to any adjective, and at once even the most wonderful of things can become slimed with the decay of excesses, such as 'too happy', 'too beautiful', 'too passionate' or 'too rational'.

Such a system doesn't allow for stagnation. Everything has a catch to it. As follows, one can't even be 'too moderated', as it entails, for example, not being realistic nor idealistic, or passionate or dispassionate, and as such forces us to move along and change in a dynamic world. And this catch arises primarily because it is only human nature to value things we do not have, an intrinsic part of our nature devised to ensure this system ticks the way it does.

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