Monday, 23 June 2008


I had a really wtf weird dream. And anyway this is probably one of the few dreams I remember and is the first dream I can remember for almost a whole year already. I was sleeping in bunk and suddenly we were told to fall-in. We all rushed out, but for some reason I was fumbling with my metal Adidas watch I was trying to put on, and all the way down to the parade square I simply couldn't get it in place, so we had all formed our ranks already but I was still there fumbling around with it. So the commanders, who happened to be 2 young women, started glaring at me and everyone was like trying to tell me to stand still like I was some kinda blockhead. I settled the watch finally, but then went on to commit more 'sabo' antics, like adjusting in my position or trying to peep over the dude in front of me to see what the girls were talking about, and always getting caught in the process. Oh the thing is, everything was in chinese.

So I became labelled as some kinda fucked up soldier. A while later, all of us sat down and for whatever reason, the girls started painting and mixing colours. They tried to mix red, yellow and white paint and were racking their brains as to what colour might come out. So when I told them it would turn out orange, they went, "so smart!" in Chinese. And then I replied in English that my Chinese sucks. Then one of the girls said, in Chinese, that it's okay and we've all got our own personalities, and that I'm different from the others.

Whatever that meant! That was the first thing that came to my mind when I woke up. But if I were to attempt to psychoanalyse myself, I think I can see what it might mean, if dreams mean anything at all.

An oops moment on MSN with Leon:

Comedians are the most honest people in films because here’s the deal: either it’s funny or it ain’t.
- Jack Nicholson

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Velvet Revolver - Slither

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