Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Marriages Of Convenience

It's interesting how a cycle always perpetuates out of convenience. As many propose, the eligibility of a male increases with age and the eligibility of a female decreases with age. In university, boys will complain that girls will only go after boys 2 years older because older boys have more to offer - more mature, seen more of the world apparently, closer to that graduate status, probably more likely to have the car, etc. And then, so much for all that, boys will just end up going after girls 2 years younger. Girls will complain that boys will only go after girls 2 years younger because of whatever reason along those lines - maybe cos guys apparently think younger girls are more attractive or something. And then, again, so much for all that, girls will just end up going after boys 2 years older.

A comfortable community of 2-year difference couples results, and then becomes okay because it forms a baseline out of acceptance. So it perhaps then becomes okay to say it's not that boys don't care about girls their age anymore and just wanna get younger girls, or girls don't care about boys their age anymore and only wanna get older boys. It's not that people of the same age aren't good enough for each other. It's just the norm, or the reality of the situation as it is, by default an excuse or not.

And in some instances, when there's a stalemate, it could boil down to religion as a factor just because it makes things more convenient. Sometimes it does seem that many people are, for example, Christians simply because 'it makes things easier', particularly at a social level.

We're all such suckers for marriages of convenience that the typicality of it all irks me sometimes.

But I suppose that's the automatic self-defence mechanism of any system. To oppose the status quo always puts you immediately at the losing end, even if there are potential long term returns. Many never make it that far and those who do are relegated to one-off heroes in a fairytale.

When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

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