Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Think Less, Just Do It

While I would be conservative and stop short of calling myself a daredevil because I don't have much in terms of experiences to show for it, I think I can safely say that I've always had an independent, individualistic and adventurous streak in me.

Although I don't quite recall specifically since when I've adopted such a stance to life, I know that the period when I was in the army was quite a trying time when I was thrust into many situations fraught with uncertainty. Those moments definitely contributed to a firm personal belief that more or less sums up into the general notion: "think less; just do it mannnn".

There have been many instances where I was confronted with making a decision of whether to go ahead and do it. To take up that job I've never done before, to try out that weird activity, to backpack in a place I've never been to, to try running to the edge of Singapore, to night cycle at the age of 14 alone. Most of the time I just do. In the process, what I've learnt is that, usually, I never regret having done it regardless of the outcome. Thinking just either wastes time or sets you back as you over-rationalize or allow the fear to creep in, and then you miss out on an experience.

Some might take caution and say, rightly, that there is always the chance that something bad might come off it. I might get into harm's way, for example, by not doing enough preparation or not thinking enough about what I'm getting myself into. Or I might disappoint people when I take up a task and fail to deliver because I was irresponsible by not assessing my abilities clearly beforehand.

That's where my caveat comes in. Just do it, and do it well. Always deliver no matter what. Along with the fact that most of the time I never regret latching on to opportunities, most of the time I always come out tops. I always deliver and I always have a good time.

At any rate, one emerges stronger and equipped with new bragging rights. And most of the time people do have a decent amount of resolve to pull through, succeed or achieve, so it's always worth a try.

I'm not sure what comes first. It could be because I'm confident of my abilities, which is why I'm daring enough to follow such a mantra. Or it could be because I began throwing caution to the wind, and in the process had no choice but to develop the skills and an attitude that ensures that I pull through. Either way, my character is moulded in such a way that I believe, more often than not, that I can do it.

Whatever it is, I'm glad I see the world this way.

Most people spend much of their time deliberating whether or not to take on a challenge. Much of that time spent rationalizing often only results in fear, apprehension and letting opportunities for a memorable experience slip by.

The times we grab life by the balls always create fond memories while the times we fail to do so only breed regrets. We remember the times we broke the rules, not when we stood in line.

Carpe diem.

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