Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sigh, My Math Brain

My mathematics past a basic level of calculus has always never been great. It's a huge bane of my abilities, because I think it terribly limits what I can do. For instance, I LOVE the idea of physics and mathematics (somewhat philosophically), but I cannot dabble in it because I not only do not have the tools, but I seem to lack the inclinations to be able to pick those tools up.

I'm working on some research for a business professor now pertaining to market entry and cannibalization, and my job scope involves summarizing reports. While I'm doing great with the discussion and main takeaways of the papers I've read, whenever I glance past the methods and data sections and see stuff like this, I totally blank out. Nothing registers. It's almost as if I do not possess the mental capacity at all to process whatever it is that is there in my visual field.

Of course that's an exaggeration and if I bothered to labour through the text I'm sure I can figure something out. But the moment something like this slams itself into my view, all I see immediately is gibberish, akin to looking at a totally unfamiliar language.

Perhaps it's mathematical phobia, or maybe I'm just lazy. But either way, here's my personal cap on achievable greatness!


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Hey there, I love your work. I just can't navigate your blog because I do not understand the language! :]