Thursday, 24 June 2010

Liquid Courage

Still loving how the study area feels, as I treat myself to shiraz while doing my research work.

Nothing beats alcohol in getting the intellectual juices going. This is the stuff that drives philosophy and art.

And as I was debating this (in a one-sided contest) with Kok, alcohol is functional because it's taken to get high, then it gets fun. It's taken to make people around you look better. It's taken to become more artistic, poetic or lyrical (some people even claim that it makes them more logical, like Peng Li). It's taken so that you'll do the things you've always wanted to, barring social considerations; thus the name I give it - liquid courage. Granted, many of these things are recreational, but alcohol is definitely the functional means to these other wonderful ends.

Alcohol ♥ forever.

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