Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Feelin' Da Heat

I'll be having my economics and political science midterms next tuesday, as well as my Creative Thinking presentation next monday. In the preceding days, thursday, friday and monday will be fully packed with things to do so that effectively leaves me with 3 days to prep everything and muggg (if I can finally get down to it I guess). So this is some really serious crunch time.

On the upside, once CT is over on monday it'll be over and done with for good. As for economics and political science, well its just the midterms I suppose, and that can't be as bad as revising for a full term's worth of syllabus.

I'll also be getting my laptop back finally. And so Euodia says, "you're so positive." I'd like to think so, because why not? I could choose to whine and gripe about things (siala 2 subjects for midterms but both on same day!) but it's not like that's gonna change anything. :]

The Chinese New Year celebration at Yinyin's hostel went well in a somewhat random and haphazard fashion, proving the adage that it doesn't matter what you do as long as you've got great company. Other than the yusheng with gummies, at other times we were just doing really crappy stuff without anything planned and even ended up pouring a whole pail of water down 2 storeys.

It was nice to see a real foosball tournament materialise. Haha I sucked and Rachel rocked. Here's the standings:

It's been a long week (I'm not kidding though it's only tuesday) and I was grateful for a chance to indulge in pure abandon (okay I'm exaggerating I guess but it's comparative) by heading down to Coffee Bean and chill out over really typical boy-girl discussions that will never die out.

Here's to having enough hours of sleep as I can finally wake up late tomorrow. It's been seriously days since I've slept adequately.

Only in America can a homeless combat veteran live in a cardboard box whilst a draft dodger lives in the White House.

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