Thursday, 28 February 2008


The week is flying by with such reckless abandon that I'm really starting to worry about the work that I know I have to do but haven't done. Although it somewhat sucks that the Sentosa outing never really worked out, I've got some precious borrowed time at least. Still, it's gonna be one heck of a busy day tomorrow with meet-ups and the Lift Off party, and Saturday's full day Waikiki event as well.

And Jethro dropped what could've been a major bombshell when he told me about the AS individual assignment (20%!) due on Monday which I hadn't an inkling of a clue about. Would've been seriously disastrous if I'd found out on Monday itself.

Kinda went for my first night spin on Tuesday when Timsum, Richard, Rachel, Mikaela and I went for supper (Yinyin left earlier) and Rachel lent the car for a ride. From RK, we eventually ended up at Ang Mo Kio's al fresco McDonald's and played a variant of daidee called 'asshole', which was pretty interesting; something like daidee with a ranking system (king, queen, commoner, prostitute and asshole - 5 players), which made me think of social class divisions and how it was both a vicious cycle of either affluence or poverty and yet, by playing your cards right even if fate deals you with a shite hand, with a little cunning and resolve, you can still break the cycle. It was so engaging that we kinda had to reluctantly force ourselves to leave at 3am.

Just came home from my 2nd straight day of capoeira, and my 4th since last Saturday; fuckin' intense shit - my muscles, joints and feet soles are getting seriously busted - but it's damn fun now that things are gelling up.

And I've learnt how to do the S-dobrado, which is - allow the childish poseur exuberance for a bit - that damn cool kick that you'd see parkour and free-runner people do.

S-dobrado: A sweeping leg motion that can lead into any number of different kicks. Usually its used to go into a macaco.

(Definition and image from Chimp's)

I'd have beaten myself up if I watched Meet the Spartans at the theatres. It's a funny show but for 65mins worth of really stupid bullshit toilet humour, I'd rather strangle myself and get a semi-high than pay $7 or whatever rate it is they're charging now to see it at the cinema. Thank goodness for movies online.

My karma ran over your dogma.

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