Saturday, 9 February 2008

RK Eating House

Was doing a random search on RK Eating House when I stumbled upon ieatishootipost's review of RK's prata. I thought he was being very kind on their standards. You can view it here.

Because of the close-to-heart nature of the discussion I decided to post a reply.

Amusingly, people started digressing towards (what else? WHAT ELSE??) the RK no pork video and some of the comments remind me that in spite of Singapore's small size, we don't really know a lot about what's going on around, and so there are still a lot of people who go, "wtf? So RK really exists??"

I think the video (its actually not really even a video) is really a hoax.

Anyway, personally I've always felt that the standard of food and service there has been in decline since it first appeared about 4 years back, if I'm not wrong. The food and drinks served are rather inconsistent and sometimes it can be rather substandard. And back then, RK still aired soccer matches.

An additional piece of trivia that might interest you: There are other RK Eating House branches; one in Bishan and one in Hougang. But both pale in comparison when it comes to popularity (or infamy if you'd like) to their big brother in Serangoon Gardens.

What's the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts? Beer nuts are $1.50 and deer nuts are under a buck.

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