Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Working Class Romance

I was random-surfing and I dug up a really old article that Yucheng wrote that I felt is quite worth a read. Actually, it's not old in the sense of me not having seen this article for years, as I did ask him to reproduce it for Love Airways last year when I was still working there, but it's old because he wrote it way back in 2004.

Well I mean... Heck, we were lamenting about working class romance when we were 18. I now know that I felt infinitely more ignorant when I was 18 as compared to now (not just in not knowing much, but saying and thinking things that really don't make sense or are reflectively immature) and 18 is hardly the age to be worrying about stuff like working class romance, but this is one of the things that I believe holds durable truth and it is impressive to say the least.

since i have time i'll give y'all an older man's perspective on love and romance and all that. so a while back me and the semi professional juggler min jiang was going home and somehow we was talkin abbt all that love and all that. and somehow he said that at his age(i think he's like 24-25 or something) you start worrying about saving up for marriage. but the thing is he's single! so here's the deal.

teenagers look for the girl. than worry about marriage finances and all that. them working people worry about the finances than see who pops up.

so i was telling him that whenever i see 20,30-some couples i get the feeling they're not all falling head over heels with each other, i always get the feeling that the girl's with him '50% cos i like him and i enjoy his company, 30% cos he's rich and can support me and maybe future kids which translates to capabilities which translates to good genes which translates to i-want-his-genes, and 10% cos im getting old and i need to marry and bear children, and 10% cos i don't have a sex life and i'm a horny bitch inside although i look fairly decent in office wear'

and than you look back at secondary school romances that were born solely out of mutual attraction(usually physical on the dick side)(call it love or infactuation or crush or lust and all that i dont give a shit) and you..well, secondary school romances just seem so much more innocent and pure compared to working adults trying to complete their life.

now don't get me wrong. i'm not putting down working class romance. it's just that there are so many other factors that come into play. not trying to flaunt superiority complexes here but i've been brainwashed to think that love is pure and there's that someONE out there that we'll just click and all that. now THAT happened with the dumb close friend(altho i'd rather belief it did not). and already there was so much in between us to piss everyone off. so maybe true love or wat y'all choose to call it really isn't just about mutual attraction. maybe 2 people need to have attributes like family background and monthly income and house and car and all that to click before they marry each other and say she/he's the one and all that mushy jizz. i mean i guess love and all that has to have a practical touch just to screw things up eh?

so i guess a good monthly income and house and short car without good looks and good personality still makes a mildly eligible bachelor although everyone will be saying the gals sucking me for dollars, i still get to bone hot girls. but that's if i become successful. maybe i'm just trying to say that im not really gonna hope to marry a girl tht im just attracted to and we click. i'll probably get successful or a stable income than see who pops along and settle with her and all that, and convince myself she's the girl of my dreams. wat a life. wat a wife. or maybe not. pah. so much for 'don't get into a relationship unless u're gonna marry her' screw love. shit's fucked up.

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