Sunday, 6 April 2008


We had our last BGS session on Friday by rounding up the 2nd half of the class presentations. And our usually somewhat slack prof showed us what he's made of when he attacked the statistical flaws of one of the groups' presentations. He then said that in statistics, especially when it's at our 'intro to stats' kinda level, either you forget everything from here on, or you continue and progress, because in particular for statistics, too little knowledge can be very dangerous.

Friday marked the last day of Früjch, which was accompanied by Starry Nite. EIC came down for a polished, vintage performance and Richard's band wrapped things up for the night. Pretty decent fun. But I thought the Indian band with their grunge metal music kinda stole the show, peaking with Metallica's Enter Sandman, especially when their extremely exuberant, charismatic and crazy frontman did his antics to work the crowd.

Justin and his friend Mike didn't win over any fans with their drunken displays though and had to be pulled off by some people I'd presume to be security. But they were really funny and added quite a bit of unexpected colour to the event.

Prata that night at the prata place near school, then supper again on Saturday night at Rachel's recommendation of 85 Bedok for bak chor mee. Before that, Angie and I tried to mug at the airport, but after coming up with a host of excuses not to, we ended up exploring T3. I saw this auntie carrying some flat box, so I was like, "ok cool, doughnuts." Then I saw the label and realised it read "PIE KIA". Genius.

Then we went to Simpang Bedok to catch the Arsenal vs Liverpool game, which ended 1-1 so goodbye to Arsenal's hopes of Premiership victory more or less.

Along the way, we passed by a company utility van which had the company name, SIR, on it, which had one of the stupidest slogans I've ever seen just under it: "we don't know the meaning of 'no'". Angie was like saying that we should then ask them, "so, do you know the meaning of 'no'?" Let's see what crap they'd hafta come up with.

Kok: "I'm Chang. Beer Chang." (referring to the Beer Chang Thai tshirt he's wearing)
(turns around and crashes into chair.)

Some random frisbeeing and Xboxing at Rachel's place til 1+am, then home.

Sometimes, to preserve our personal status quos, we do things differently with different people. We bite our tongues with some on issues, ideas, topics and stuff we'd otherwise spill our guts out with others.

I've been having a decent amount of sleep but somehow it just never seems enough.

Virtue is its own reward, but then so is sin.

Audio Candy:
Velvet Revolver - Set Me Free


Rachel said...

I wanted to do a post on like the bimbo moments/ stupid things said on Sat night. I know we had a lot, but can't seeem to remember. Haha. Only remembered these few:
1) My name is Chang. Beer Chang.
2) Over the moooooon.
3) Oh, so F.C. Barcelona was the striker that scored the goal.


Jose said...

geez i forgot all about barca! thanks man. hahar. altho im not sure about the moon one.