Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Unforeseen Foreseeing

This is gonna be a boring, random, egocentric post that may become characteristic of future postings now that days may become less objective.

Joined Jasper for some random midweek, mid-day footballing at Braddell Heights CC today, which was cut short by the rain. But it was a welcome reinitiation after about a month's layoff from the sport; I was badly out of shape though it was good to feel the ball at my feet again.

My usual soccer kaki consists of people mainly from NTU, so I'll have to wait til the end of this week before we can get together again. Actually, it's not just the waiting til the end of this week that's different. When we were JC mates and all that, we usually didn't care so much for the books. But they're in NTU engineering now and alot of them have changed to be much more studious by virtue of the nature of the faculty they're in, especially when there's a truckload of academically kickass foreign students in the competing pack.

There are always plenty of drawbacks in general terms of not following the crowd, or of not going the way your background is expected of you. Yeh I know this is stating the obvious, but I wanna be whiney, once in awhile at least. For one, soccer sessions for me are compromised this way. The interesting girls all have a 'cool religion' (hahar okay exaggeration I know). Clubbing is a way of life. Okay too many exaggerations and sweeping statements, shall stop.

If I could live long enough, I'd revisit my entire lifetime at least once, and if I could for longer enough, I'd do everything the other way to see what it could've been. And I guess I'm saying this only because I know that won't happen.

There's an upcoming documentary titled God is Green. It's somewhat of a call out to religious leaders to join in the global green environmental fray, because our governments and big corporations don't seem to be making things happen. The tagline in the advertisement that got me was that most, if not all, religious leaders should set their differences aside for once and come together to do it for Earth's sake, if not for God's sake.

I, or we in fact, have been at our lobo-est best the past few days, peaking with our arcade-going ventures and chilling out at the Coffee Beans and Starbuckses around town. I had lunch at the Allson Hotel coffeeshop yesterday with the guys and then we went to see Yinz and Daren off at Novena.

The rest went on for the C'est La Vie Butterfactory party but I resolved not to go for a couple of reasons so I headed home early. It's been good in terms of paying off my member-of-the-family dues because, now that I don't have school, the folks don't see any reason for me to be absent from home. Think of the usual 'you think home is a hotel ah?' sentiment. It's kinda gay for a 22 year-old to have to deal with this but that's just the way it has always been for me.

So since I'm home, and missing Mambo tonight, and I'm semi-done with the overdue forms I'm supposed to fill up for the Cambodia community service trip and realising I have a heap of stuff to sort out, this is a reminder-to-myself-cum-you-may-feel-like-this-is-pointless-and-you're-wasting-your-time-reading-this-shit-and-you're-probably-right list of upcoming endeavours:

25/4/08 (fri)
OCIP vaccination at Tan Tock Seng

28/4/08 (mon) - 30/4/08 (wed)
First Aid Course (wtf? Just found out about this.)

29/4/08 (tue)
Political Science Rahul Sagar Party

2/5/08 (fri)
Project Bonalai meeting

4/5/08 (sun) - 9/5/08 (fri)
KL and Genting trip

15/5/08 (thu)
Project Bonalai meeting

19/5/08 (mon)
Project Bonalai meeting

21/5/08 (wed) - 30/5/08 (fri)
Project Bonalai!

2/6/08 (mon) - 3/6/08 (tue)
Social Science sub-committee and facilitators' retreat

23/6/08 (mon) - 25/6/08 (wed) or 30/6/08 (mon) - 2/7/08 (wed)
Mock Camp 1

7/7/08 (mon) - 9/7/08 (wed)
Local SMU Matriculation

10/7/08 (thu) - 11/7/08 (fri)
Mock Camp 2

20/7/08 (sun) - 23/7/08 (wed)
Social Science Camp

25/7/08 (fri)
OCS Briefing

Okay I realise this is a rather damaging schedule for a disorganised and whimsical person like myself, where there is significant inertia accompanying many of the things I do. On top of these commitments, I'd like to work, draw, read and pick up on Spanish where I last left off, and do anything else or meet anyone else in between that might seem interesting. All in a bid to pursue the things I'd like to do when I envision myself being the kinda of person I wish I was, and hopefully prove the first paragraph of this post that the upcoming days may be less objective wrong.

To make me feel like turd, keep me devoid of decent social exchange for a few days or so. I wither without social expression and a nice round of idea exchanging.

Every mother generally hopes that her daughter will snag a better husband than she managed to do, but she's certain that her boy will never get as great a wife as his father did.

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