Thursday, 3 July 2008


Bored, so I dabbled with Facebook apps and came across this South Park character creator.

This is me.

The other day as I stoned while resting after a soccer game, I stared at some kids running around a sheltered pavilion and thought, when does the futility and sadness of not knowing the truth; the longing for the answers to existence come into play? Has it anything to do, generally, with age? If so, how then has our increasing life spans changed the picture? Or maybe how close we are to death is the benchmark. Maybe we just somehow know. Maybe with a longer life to live, and more time to think, we get sadder, more dejected, more solemn and more disillusioned, which is somewhat congruent to how we, as a conflicted species being creatures with a sense of self-awareness and intelligent beings with an animal instinct, seem to be going downhill on the happiness scale. Within these parameters, we get sadder because believing things are worse off than they really are is a safer comfort zone to create within the context of our human nature to lament and wallow, so that the next most pleasant thing that comes along, no matter how pathetically small it is, has a happier ascribed value to it.

Played my first proper field game in the longest time for Lengkian's team. He needed 3 players so I asked Chester and Leon down too, and we ended up winning 7-0. Dixon got a hat-trick, (fat) Ronaldo style, one off a rebound from a shot I took, and this speedy striker called Louis bagged 2 goals. Francis put one in after a nice set up by Chester, though it can be said the opposition defence had more holes in it than a sieve. Leon was the hero among the 3 of us, being the only one who got a goal while Chester and I were trying our asses off to get on the scoresheet, so we spent the evening goading Leon into giving us a treat for dinner.

I told them that I did have female friends who might've wanted to come down and watch, and Chester said, "I think that's why I didn't score." Leon immediate gave the amusing rejoinder, "maybe that's why I scored."

Playing for Cheesiang's team this sunday. My field touch really sucks now but I hope I'll get it back soon enough.

I caught Zohan and Get Smart within the last week. Zohan is basically like Chuck Norris, and a Chuck Norris joke somewhat appears in Get Smart. But anyway, Get Smart is a really good straight-faced comedy movie whose humour is right up my alley. It seems like Grapevine is the new Gardens (I don't mean that literally but in a 'white is the new black' kinda way). And yesterday was a tiring but happy day because we played golf and tennis, 2 sports to remind myself what a noob I am, and I lugged a body bag around.

I love defenceless animals, especially in gravy.

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