Saturday, 12 July 2008

Social Science (,) Retreat

I think my social skills within the confines of a relatively sizeable group, especially when it is comprised of people I do not know well, are deterioriating. For some reason I just can't seem to muster up the strength to try to engage in small talk, or even the effort to be a little more smiley and pleasant looking. Aside from the random wisecrack which serves its healthier purpose of humouring people, a part of me now simply refuses to bother if what I say doesn't really mean anything to anybody.

We were sitting on rooftops under a blanket of cool night air, the darkness concealing our faces but revealing only the twinkles from our eyes. I'm reminded of the breeze - ever calm and gentle, and even playful, whistling through linen on clotheslines and raking up fallen leaves in the grass, creating wonderous waves on the shore and filling the air with a million little falling leaves. It is hard not to sing and dance along, practically a challenge not to be smitten and perhaps overawed. But it is seductively fleeting; with a foreign anonymity within what seems so familiar and difficult to grasp all the same.

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