Sunday, 17 May 2009

Howay The Lads

How do you give me so much pleasure
And cause me so much pain?

This should be Newcastle's theme lines. I guess it would be expecting too much of a team that is battling relegation to be able to turn a victory into a winning streak, but they simply cannot afford to lose, especially not at home, and that they did again by going down 1-0 to Fulham. Ugh heartbreak.

Howard Webb made a host of horribly poor decisions, one of which saw a completely legitimate Viduka header goal disallowed and the other resulting in the sending off of Bassong for a seemingly harmless tussle. My goodness.

One wonders what Alan Shearer tells the squad. Everyone thinks he's better off taking off his suit, donning a jersey and actually playing and maybe Newcastle will really score. Probably something along these lines:

"C'mon lads! Get stuck in and show more spirit! Strikers, you gotta hit the ball at this part, you gotta head the ball like this. Fight with determination! We gotta get the goals because to win you gotta have more goals than your opponent! Okay now Ian (Dowie) will take over for the tactics and second half strategy."

I watched the game at Nathaniel's house with his brother Theodor. Theodor is as passionate a Newcastle fan as any. Here are some memorable quotes in the midst of his angry rambling:

Theodor: Walan eh Fulham keep wasting fucking time, like this motherfucker what's his name? Pantsil or whatever fuck.

Nathaniel: Which Kamara is this?
Theodor: Aiya it's bastard Kamara. The one with no father.

Theodor: Fuck Howard Webb lah! Fuck his mother cheebye! If he has a mother. Bastard.

Khairul, Arvinder and Nathaniel are talking about Hall games, and that Hall 7 is the strongest.
Theodor: Hall 7 can win Newcastle lah.

Newcastle are now back in the drop zone with one game to play away to Aston Villa. Hull have overtaken Newcastle to get to 16th with a point earned today, and will also have one game left to play but to Manchester United. Newcastle can afford to draw if Hull loses, which is quite likely, but if Hull draws Newcastle definitely need all 3 points. So Newcastle should just try and score and win for once (Vs Middlesbrough one game ago was another matter). If Hull wins Manchester United, then the shit would've hit the fan and it'll be goodbye to Newcastle.

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