Monday, 25 May 2009

Putting 2 And 2 Together

This is the most I've ever blogged about the same subject in such a short time. Newcastle are dead and buried. I can look forward to Northeastern derbies with Justin's bloody Middlesbrough.

I had a conversation with Nathaniel earlier today, and I guess it's true. Newcastle don't deserve to stay in the EPL. 1-0 down with everything to play for, they still couldn't muster anything at all in the second half that looked like a fight. Even a dying, cornered rat would come out with snapping teeth because it has nothing else left to lose.

But I will be optimistic. We will be back soon enough.

Work's heating up at Pearson as we were bestowed with our project timelines at our general meeting today, and that's not all. I've still got the ApoliticalSMU logo to do and a psychology article to write up for Socscistan. 'The psychology of the unknown' at that time seemed like such a wondrous and magnificent topic to write about, but now I'm getting dangerously close to deadline without an idea how to begin.

There is nothing quite as dreadful as living in Serangoon and working at Boon Lay without an MP3 player to accompany oneself through the eternal morning and evening rides.

I wouldn't be a vegetarian because I love animals. I'd be a vegetarian because I hate plants.

Audio Candy:
Red - Death Of Me

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