Saturday, 22 March 2008

'Cos She's Cool

I think it's really kickass to be able to say you like a girl cos she's cool.

It's as innocent as it gets. It entails admiring her just for the things she does the way she does, not because she's a great looker or because she's famous or because she's got huge boobs or something. Not because you're getting insecure cos everyone else around you is getting attached or because you're getting old and your biological clock is ticking.

And ultimately it's like knowing that you're in for a real kickass time spent in her company and, quite simply to me, nothing excites me as much that way.

There are no such things as ugly girls, only lazy girls.

Audio Candy:
The Moldy Peaches - Anyone Else But You


Agagooga said...

Men like women, wome like women. Nobody likes men.

And Singapore girls don't have huge boobs hahahahaha

Biological clock? It's alright. Girls are like roses - they wilt quickly. Men are like fine wine - they improve with age (and only become vinegar after a long time).

It may be true that lazy girls don't exist, only ugly ones, but there's only so much effort can do. There may be no hardworking ugly girls, but there sure are uUnattractive ugly ones!

Jose said...

Ooh. Some acidic statements there. I will remain silent for my own general safety.