Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Silent Hammer

Yitwen notched 11 people asking about his dressing, a ridiculously colourful cap, a small black, camou bermudas and that ugly kinda laptop bag, which he wore for 5 days as part of social experiment #1. Mikaela came closest at guessing 10 people would notice. Bahhh.

The steamboat-that-never-was day was seriously the shit. Got down to Marina Bay with Mikaela, Angie, Jacq and Yitwen and took the wrong bus - 402 - to end up at this pier place where you can take a ferry to Batam. Angie tried to ask the bus driver for directions but he avoided her like the plague which was really hilarious. I bought a curry puff there, Yitwen had to up that by buying 2 (which he had trouble finishing) and Mikaela flung one of them for whatever reason.

So we took 402 back to Marina Bay and took the correct bus this time - 400 - to finally head down to the famous steamboat place. However, after a long ride (punctuated by my really small, stupid and irrelevant epiphanies along the way), we ended up back at Marina Bay, so everyone was like wtf and Rachel went to ask the driver what happened, to which he replied that its closed already. So Rachel asked, "why you never tell us?" To which the gh3yass prick replied, "walk walk see see lah!"

wtf mannnnnnn.

Had rice with dishes instead at some hawker centre near Clarke Quay where the aunties call their lime juice "lum joo".

It's fascinating seeing how such seemingly fantastical concepts such as today's topics of realism and liberalism in political science class can be manifested in the affairs of the state and international relations such as the US war on Iraq triggered off by 9/11.

School work is catching me off guard again, and I'm surviving off the recesses of adrenaline to stay awake in class. Every monday and tuesday my sleeping cycle crashes back to a reset. Thankfully there's only a month left before some really hardcore holidays.

Independence is my gift and curse. Random. I don't quite know what to make of it, but while I feel extremely compelled to state my case, I know that at the same time, a multitude of things - that just by being who I am, I'm a biased entity; that you probably can't say for sure; that you probably don't really care; that it seriously doesn't matter anyway; that you might not have even meant it; that it could all just be a joke or test - will happen to conspire my deliberated apathy, but at the same time I guess that maybe you know it matters to me and it leaves in me a bitter aftertaste that won't go away. Like a loaded question, I stand implicitly accused without a refuting chance. Without reeking of sounding uptight and edgy. Which leaves me stuck either way - action or inaction.

I'm apprehensive about throwing down my trump cards also.

Haha. Well I suppose it really sucks saying that it doesn't affect me when my actions have spoken ahead of me in contradiction. I'll just buy myself time by tolerating the indecision. Random. Sometimes we say we're okay when we're not okay, and sometimes we say we're sorry when we're not.

Flattery looks like friendship, just like a wolf looks like a dog.

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