Sunday, 2 March 2008


Waikiki kicked off to a really miserable start as it was seriously pouring and we were sitting around on the sand getting soaked. Getting drenched in the rain is never a pleasant thing, but I think it sucks more comparatively to be at a place like the beach and then having to endure a downpour.

Thankfully, the rain let up. Games and activities got underway; our soccer team, the Gay Sponges From Bikini Bottom, consisting of Mikaela, Melissa, Farhan, Aiks, Kok and me, lost 2 games, drew 2 games and won 1, so we didn't make it past qualifying. Played a bit of push ball against the ruggers; we were seriously no fight for them, getting trounced 5 or 6-0. Now my legs and feet have got some crappy abrasions.

Flipping and cartwheeling into the sea seriously rocks.

Left early, and squeezed 8 of us into Syah's Lancer (got the better end of the deal by getting the front seat) and headed down to Vivocity. Along the way, we had the windows wound down and were blasting pop rock tunes and singing our lungs out and getting stares from people along the streets; real liberating stuff.

Rachel got me a nice yellow tee for my birthday, something I'd requested for somewhat but didn't really specify exactly what, so a striped one from Fox really ups it. We had Carl's Junior for dinner, Yinz is glowing from getting attached, we had a great night out in the nice cool breeze of the open atop Vivocity; the sum up of randoms after Waikiki.

Lift Off and Waikiki. What a crazy way to end off the term break.

Wisdom is scar tissue in disguise.

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