Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Disconnect The Dots

When you've got the girls and Saipong together, it makes for one helluva funny time.

Saipong (to Rachel): You really need to go to the wellness centre.
Timsum: What's the wellness centre for?
Saipong: The wellness centre is the place you go to so that you can loosen up your nuts.

Saipong: Why is everyone laughing when I'm not making any joke? [sic]

It's gonna be an interesting week because we're coming up with a couple of social experiments just for jackass kicks. I can't disclose one right now, but the other involves Yitwen and I setting our status on Facebook to being married to each other, and then seeing what kinda response this gets. Haha. I've already got a few and I'm starting to feel bad because these people seem to be really taking it too seriously to be told it's a prank. But whatever anyway.

Facebook games are currently the bomb because we get to compare and challenge scores with friends. I've got a new sustainable pastime now I think. :]

We're perched on a kerb, and she's seated next to me; and all I gladly wanna do is talk about things that we'd both readily agree to.

Don't trust anyone over 30 who used to say, "Don't trust anyone over 30".

Audio Candy:
Emery - Ponytail Parade

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