Friday, 21 March 2008

Double, Triple, Multiple

This picture kinda undermines the decayed state that these pair of street soccer shoes are in. There are like 2 holes per shoe and the biggest hole can fit 4 of my fingers. Decided to snap a shot because these are my tournament-winning shoes and I was gonna throw them away. And also because I'm a sentimental freak in a weird way.

I watched Mean Girls at Jacq's yesterday. Mikaela, Angie and Jacq have (obviously) watched it before, but they still enjoyed it while I caught it for the first time. Now I can say my life is more complete perhaps for having accomplished sitting through something like this. I think the Lebanese girl is quite damn kickass, and the 'bad ass' mathlete rapper is really quite funny.

Had a JC class BBQ gathering at David's pretty swanky place in Woodlands, and the turnout was mind-blowing at 10 guys and 4 girls. I'm not even being sarcastic here. Most other times no girls will bother showing up at all. But I guess I'm starting to really hate BBQs.

Rushed down to Gardens after that to meet Ursula and her friend Cheryl, who could do some pretty neat card tricks. And met a whole buncha other people along the way - Qianyi, Sahfahri, Meiting, Stanley; all at random places around Gardens - testament to a happening Good Friday night. Too bad it's quite lost on me.

It's funny. Ursula is a girl who studies in Australia whom I've never met before, though we converse every now and then online. And we were talking like we've known each other for the longest time.

Time and again, I'm convinced that I'm really defined by the game I continue to play. And each time I'm done, I know I've pulled it off once more without even needing to try, because they come back to me exactly where I left off. But there is no re-evaluating chance for something like this, considering how far I've gone. Maybe someday, it'll catch up on me and rip me to shreds, just like it might for anyone else less.

Maintaining a complicated life is a great way to avoid changing it.

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