Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Divergent Interpretations

Our clothes mismatch as much as our thoughts
Voices drown out the room
As people go hand in hand, paired
But I linger

Let the voices fade
And you're left, emerged solitarily
Those are some nice shoes
We'll laugh at the party people below from above

Been barely sleeping the past few days, so when there's finally no school again today I slept in til 1400h. Went to school to complete my political science term paper and attend yet another BGS meeting, and then got home rather early. I hardly did anything interesting today and the day seriously felt damn short.

The school connection has been fsckin' up the past few days (or maybe it screwed up bad enough today to feel that way) which kinda disrupted my research a bit. But I've wondered what it'd be like to write a paper without the internet. It'd be crazy I guess not to have all that wealth of information at your disposal, of having to run from shelf to shelf and library to library looking for the journals and articles you need.

I was quite 'in the zone' so I managed to complete my political science term paper, Is Democracy A Universal Value?, in 3 days. I'd attribute it significantly to the fact that I do not have a functional laptop at the moment. Having to rely on the library computers means that I have to get my work done by a certain time and this deadline-peppered daily life kinda ensures that, which isn't all that a bad thing I suppose.

I think I'm starting to get it on how to write social science-related papers, and I must say I actually enjoyed writing my term paper.

Anyway, references and citations really make my crap essays look like graduate school thesis papers.

On a random note, life is somewhat at worst, a constant struggle; at best, never straightforward. I'm just mindboggled sometimes by the infinite possibilities and paths any of us can choose to walk which would have a profound effect on everything else around us, and the past and existence and everything thus far is a very neat unfolding summary of the choices we make and the things we do. Living is never smooth-sailing. Things may seem straightforward for the conformist, but that does not mean he is not presented with choices.

Don't anthropomorphize computers - they hate it.

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